“Ishikawacho – connected to the port, connecting to the future”

Ishikawa Shopping Street, located in Naka-ku, Yokohama, has been given a makeover and is now reborn as i-Canal Street. From the old times of port town Yokohama, Ishikawacho has flourished and seen the continuous flow of people and goods via its canal. With the juxtaposition of various old time shops and emerging new ones, the shopping street is now more livelier than ever. Those who have visited before, perhaps on a date, can stroll around the street and reminisce. Serving as a entrance to, and in close proximity to major tourist attractions such as Yamashita Park, Motomachi, China Town, and the Yamate Bluff area, i-Canal street offers visitors a glimpse into everyday life here in Yokohama. We welcome all to visit us at i-Canal Street.

In touch with history

Since the opening of Yokohama port, the area around Ishikawa Shopping Street has seen the influx of people, ships, and goods, serving as an important point in canal traffic. Times have changed the main mode of transportation from ships to trains and automobiles, ending the function of the canal in Ishikawacho. We have gathered photographs of the days when the canal played an important part in the lives of people in the neighborhood. Precious photographs can be seen exhibited in various shops around the shopping street. In fact, the whole shopping street serves as a gallery where visitors and locals alike can see and feel the rich history of the area.

Furthermore, students from Meiji University have embarked on a project to digitally archive the history of Ishikawacho. The continuous efforts of the research have shared with us the distinct history of Ishikawacho, in comparison to neighboring areas of Motomachi, Yamate and China Town. This ongoing project will surely connect us to the future.



Ishikawacho – the origin of the name

Records of Ishikawamura, or Ishikawa Village of Tairagounai, date as far back as 1233 in the Yokohama Bunsho, or Yokohama Document.

Koizumi Yakumo, in his book introducing Japan, refers to Ishikawacho as “The Street of Stony River”. Long referred to as Ishikawagou, or Ishikawa Township, the township merged with Yokohamamura, Horinouchimura, and Nakamura to form Ishikawamura of Kurakigun, or Kuraki County. It later divided to form Ishikawanakamura, of Kurakigun, before newly forming Ishikawacho 1-7chome (later 1-5chome) during Meiji 6th year when the townscape was organized. The current Ishikawacho as we know today came about with the implementation of the Act of City, Town and Village of Meiji 22nd year. And now since 2013, Ishikawa Shopping Street, newly known as i-Canal Street, is responsible for carrying the history of the area into the future.

i-Canal Street events and sale information

SALE Late February : Spring Sale

EVENT March : Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Support Event 

EVENT Mid April : Yokohama Street Performers

EVENT Late May : Charity Flea Market

SALE Late September : Autumn Sale 

EVENT Late October : Halloween Event

EVENT Mid December : Christmas Event・Gospel / Tree lighting

EVENT Late November ~ Mid February : Winter Illumination

※Flea Market will be held every 2 months. Please view our latest event page for information. 


Earthquake Disaster Restoration Support Event
Smile Tohoku Restoration Support Concert. Sending energy and smiles from i-Canal Street to the Tohoku region.


Charity Flea Market
Attracting many visitors each year, our popular flea market features cart sales, street performers, and quizzes for all ages to enjoy. Come and visit us!


Halloween Event
With the cooperation of the local community, halloween treats were successfully given out to visiting children. We thank you all for your support.


Christmas Event
Our annual Christmas event features Christmas presents from Santa Claus to kids (candies), raffles and a gospel concert. The highlight of the event is the lighting of our Christmas tree.

We welcome you all to visit i-Canal Street

Ishikawa Shopping Street is located just off Motomachi Exit of Ishikawacho Station on the JR Negishi Line.  Positioned at the entrance of Motomachi Shopping Street, and central to most tourist attractions in Yokohama, Ishikawa Shopping Street is busy with tourists, shoppers, and locals alike.


By train : 1 min walk from Ishikawacho Station (Motomachi Exit) on the JR Negishi Line

i-Canal Street – shopping map

i-Canal Street - shopping map
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i-Canal Street - talksheet
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